Providing cutting-edge training solutions.

Combining our diverse implementation, training, and project management experience, OnoradSolutions partners with our clients to reduce training, help, and support costs while optimizing system performance.

Multi-million-dollar technology implementations deserve innovative training and help solutions.

The adoption of new technology systems and upgrades to existing tools can improve how your users provide service - and can improve your bottom line. How well your end users use technolgy drives its ultimate success.

You remeber everything from training, right?

We specialize in answering the critical question "where do I go for help after classroom training?" Visit our Customized Help page to learn how our searchable Web-based Knowledge Bank solution can save your organization training and ongoing support dollars, while reducing end user frustrations.

View our Knowledge Bank demo to learn more!

"Simply having an EMR system isn't enough. We need to ensure that physicians can actually use it."

Are your users well equipped with the knowledge that they need to use your technology solutions...robustly?

Our unique, comprehensive knowledge improvement approach surpasses traditional classroom-training strategies. From pre-go-live through go-live to system optimization and upgrades, we provide proven solutions.

Our results? Improved system use through stronger knowledge levels and reduced training and support costs.


EMR and other technical implementations can be frustrating for end users - but they don't have to be. Our comprehensive strategy ensure that your teams embrace technology, while improving knowledge levels.

Exceed your implementation training goals with OnoradSolutions' innovative learning approach.

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