Moving From Knowledge in the Classroom to Knowledge Everywhere!

You’re going to remember everything from training, right?

We take your existing training tools and repackage them to provide your learners with on-demand training and help at their fingertips – Training: 24/7.  We’ve found that the best way to achieve EHR adoption and to learn a new system is while you’re using it.

But, why wing it? 

When you’re documenting in your EHR system and think, gosh, how do I do that again? turn to our online tools for the solution.

  • Forgot how to do a process?
  • Want to learn how to customize how you use your EHR?
  • Need to learn about a fix or improvement to your EHR?

Type a question and get instant, trusted help.  All without having to call the Help Desk.

Pretty nifty.

Click here to schedule a demonstration of our Knowledge Bank technology.

Strategic Training Planning Development
Staffing Solutions
eLearning Solutions
OnDemand Help & Training
Super User/GLS Development


While we can assist with all aspects of knowledge improvement, we focus on providing learning opportunities when the user needs it most: At your desk; right here; right now.