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Welcome to OnoradSolutions, your one stop for full EMR implementation training services!
Our unique learning approach can help your teams avoid common, yet costly, training pitfalls
while maximizing the full benefits of your EMR system.  Our services include:

  • Robust Web-based training and on-demand help.
  • eLearning design and development.
  • Traditional classroom instructional design.
  • Effective blended approaches (classroom and Web-based).
  • Implementation, upgrade, and new hire training.

Do your users have the right training to robustly use your systems?  Are you providing your teams
with on-demand help and answers? Our searchable, customized Web-based help sites enable
your teams to get trusted answers
instantly.  24/7/365.  Hospital.  Office.  Home.  

Click here to see how our clients have an important edge in improving how their users use
their EMR systems.


Embrace Change.  Train smart.  Empower users.

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"Many of the functions and features of EMR systems are not being widely
used. Increased emphasis should be placed on training once an EMR is in
place to achieve optimal results from deployment of an EMR.  75% of
physicians feel that they could benefit from additional training."
Evaluation of a Commercial Electronic Medical Record (EMR) by Primary Care Physicians 5 Years
After Implementation" study.
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