Unlike other firms, OnoradSolutions doesn’t just place trainers to fill staffing needs.  We draw upon over fifteen years of implementation experience to effectively tie your needs to your goals.  We then partner with you to devise a plan to ensure that your users will have they knowledge that they need to enthusiastically adopt your EHR system.

Just throw everyone in a classroom and check training off your list?  Adults learn by doing.  Effective and efficient knowledge transfer doesn’t happen by horse-and-buggy techniques. One size does not fit all.  Which is why we take the time to ensure that your comprehensive approach meets the needs of your organization and your unique learners.

Your strategic training plan is Tailor Made; we partner with you to:

  • Analyze your needs, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Design a comprehensive, A-to-Z training plan.
  • Develop the key components of your training strategy.
  • Implement and execute.
  • Evaluate and revise.

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Strategic Training Planning Development
Staffing Solutions
eLearning Solutions
OnDemand Help & Training
Super User/GLS Development


While we can assist with all aspects of knowledge improvement, we focus on providing learning opportunities when the user needs it most: At your desk; right here; right now.